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How Social Media Changed The Redhead Beauty Experience

Redheads, It's Our Time!

Many adult redheads will tell you they didn’t really have a place to turn to for beauty and style advice when they were growing up. Unless your mom or another woman close to you was a redhead, you were on your own when it came to tackling the world of redhead beauty, makeup and skincare. While most other young girls turned to things like television, models, and magazines, redheads didn’t see themselves portrayed in the media like blondes and brunettes did. 

As the internet became more accessible, redheads were able to start searching for advice online, but even though the mid-2000s there wasn’t much. Maybe you were lucky to find a small snippet in a magazine like Teen, Seventeen or a small YouTube video that often didn’t even feature a redhead.

Rare redhead on a cover of a magazine. TEEN, 1968.

So many of us struggled through the awkward phase of wearing makeup that was too dark or too orange, heavy black mascara, and nearly invisible eyebrows. Some of us dyed our hair to try to fit in and covered our freckles because we didn’t see them on models and celebrities.

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As the years have gone by, social media has made it so young redheads, or even the redheads embracing their natural color for the first time, have loads of information and advice at their fingertips. Finding tips and tricks for redheads is as simple as heading to, a google search and/or the use of hashtags. Redheads can now pull up thousands of videos and photos made by redheads for redheads. Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok are filled with redheads ready to share, and while there’s more content curated for blondes and brunettes, redheads are having an easier go at it every single day.

Being a redhead will always come with its unique challenges and learning curves, but we are so happy to see where the last 10 years have taken us and where the next 10 will take us.

Rock it like a Redhead!