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10 Redheads You Should Be Following on Instagram

What types of accounts do you follow on Instagram? Fashion? Beauty? Home décor? Travel? With endless options to choose from, these redheads are making their mark amongst the numerous influencers spanning Instagram.

1. Jenn Todryk (@theramblingredhead)

Jenn Todryk is a woman doing it all!  She’s raising a family, running a business, and was recently given her own show on HGTV called No Demo Reno.  And of course, she’s doing it all while maintaining a fabulous mane of red hair.  If you’re into home décor, or just enjoy funny family shenanigans, give @theramblingredhead a follow!

2. Jackie O (@jackieoshry)

Jackie is one of the queens of millennial pop culture.  Along with her sister, Claudia Oshry, she is co-creator of the podcast The Morning Toast, which goes live every weekday morning to discuss your favorite celebrities and TV shows.  If you love reality shows like The Kardashians, The Bachelor, or The Real Housewives, this podcast might be for you!  Jackie not only does her part to keep us up to date on the latest pop culture news, but also shows us that redheads should not be afraid to wear pink!  Her Instagram grid is a beautiful parade of pastels.

3. The Redheads Book Club (@thereadheads)

And speaking of Jackie O’s influence, I would be amiss not to mention one of my favorite “bookstagram” accounts—The Readheads.  Similar to other book club accounts, The Readheads choose one book a month to read and discuss on their podcast.  But they also post pictures and personal ratings of all the other books each Readhead reads throughout the month.  If you’re an avid reader, make sure to follow along and read with the Readheads.

4. Sabina Karlsson (@thesabinakarlsson)

The diversity of redheads is beautiful, and this international fashion model is a great example of that beauty.  If you appreciate models who embrace their curly red hair and freckles, then look no further than Sabina Karlsson.

5. Ellie (@thegingerwanderlust)

Have you been missing international travel as much as I have?  It’s time to start living vicariously through Ellie’s Instagram account.  This influencer’s travel photography is just as stunning as her red hair!  Give her a follow, and let this ginger inspire your next adventure!

6. Madeline Stuart (@madelinesmodeling_)

Madeline Stuart is the world’s first super model with Down’s Syndrome, and she rocks her red hair up and down the runway!  Madeline exudes kindness, confidence, and courage.  Follow her on Instagram to see for yourself.

7. Rosie (@rosietheginger)

Rosie is a British YouTuber and blogger with the most fabulous makeup and red hair tutorials.  She is also a Fashion Design graduate and showcases her womenswear line on her other account @_rosie_ro.  She is the queen of peachy tones, but loves to rock a bold lip on occasion, and I’m sure you will love her looks just as much as I do!

8. Christene Barberich (@christenebarberich)

I can’t forget to mention Christene Barberich, another fashion queen, New York Times best-selling author, and co-founder of Refinery 29.  This redhead does not shy away from a bold print or a bold lip.  She is an avid thrifter, and I love following her account to see the diversity of her sometimes thrifted, sometimes high-end fashion choices.

9. Audrey Mirabella Roloff (@audreyroloff)

Audrey is a New York Times best-selling author, wife, and mother whose Instagram influence focuses on marriage and family.  Her Instagram account is incredibly uplifting and wholesome, featuring pictures of her adorable family’s life on a farm and her fierce mane of red curls.

10. Amber Venz Box (@ambervenzbox)

Blogger turned entrepreneur, Amber is the creator of and RewardStyle, connecting digital content creators with brands and retailers.  So, she is basically the influencer of influencers.  Most of the Instagram influencers asking you to “swipe up” or click the link in their bio have Amber to thank for this convenience.

Don’t you just love a group of powerful redheaded women? Give these accounts a follow, and let us know what you think!  We’d also love to hear about any other influencers you follow who are rocking it like a redhead!

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Rock it like a Redhead!