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How Redheads Can Wear: White

This can be a controversial topic

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We have a series called “How to Wear” where we break down colors and show you how redheads can rock anything. We talk a lot about how to pair these colors with other colors and how to find the right shade for you. In this installment, we’re talking about something a little different — how to wear the color white with your red hair:

All About White

Technically, white isn’t a “color”. But, for the sake of talking about styling, we’re going to refer to it as one. Unlike the other colors we’ve talked about in this series, white doesn’t have different shades. But there are different versions of white — like off-white, cream or eggshell. These are all white with a little bit of warmth added to them. Since white isn’t technically on the color wheel it doesn’t have a really complementary color, but if you look for the opposite of white, it’s black.

Redheads Wearing White

White is a color that many redheads shy away from because many have pretty fair skin. Many people think wearing white is going to wash you out, but the truth is that picking the right shade of white can actually bring out more color in your skin. If you have fair skin and you wear stark or “true” white, your skin could look more saturated against the starkness of the white. But, if you wear an off-white color that’s too close to your skin it might wash you out. That being said, redheads absolutely can wear shades of off-white, but you may want to choose an off-white that does not have the same undertone as your skin.

  • If you have more cool/yellow skin undertones you may want to opt for a more orange based off white.
  • And if you have warmer/more orange skin undertones you may want to opt for a more yellow based off white.


Pairing White with Other Colors

We already know white goes with everything. White is a fashion neutral and you can pair it with every single color on the color wheel. White is also great for an accent shade or for pulling a look together.

If you want a really sophisticated look, white looks amazing with other fashion neutrals such as black, tan, brown, and denim. One thing to look out for is pairing white with shades of off-white. This can work, but sometimes if you’re wearing too many, it looks mismatched. It’s usually best to try and keep your white and off-whites similar to one another to keep a cohesive look.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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