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How Redheads Can Pull Off a White Bathing Suit

Rock That White Bikini Like a Redhead!

“You’re so pale” is a phrase fair-skinned redheads hear a million times in their lives. It’s also the reason many of us avoid wearing white swimsuits in the summertime. Well, forget that! White looks amazing on redheads, but if you need a little help pulling off a white swimsuit this summer keep reading. 

Stay moisturized & exfoliated

When our skin is dry it can look ashier and even paler. Keep your skin moisturized to keep it looking healthy. Exfoliating can also bring out your natural glow because it increases blood flow. 

Avoid white cast SPF

SPF that leaves a white cast will have your skin looking even whiter than it already is. Instead, use SPF that goes on without color, or opt for something with a little glow in it.

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Try a texture or pattern

Instead of plain white, opt for a fun texture or white and color patterned swimsuit. It’s also a good idea to stick with pure white colors and skip anything cream, beige, or off-white so it has more contrast to your skin. 

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Find a style you love

There are many styles out there and finding the best look for you is key. Check out our 10 favorite bathing suit colors to complement red hair.

Add pops of color

Another way to play up the white look is to add pops of color through accessories. These bright pops will stand out against your skin and won’t leave you feeling like an all-white blob. 

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Fake it

And of course, you can always fake a tan. Self-tanning and spray tanning are safe ways to get a nice glow in the summer months, just be sure to apply your SPF when you go out because your skin will still burn even under a fake tan. 

Be confident!

Your red hair and fair skin are unique and beautiful. The more confidence you have in yourself, the more confidence others will see in you so wear white and rock it like a redhead.


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Rock it like a Redhead!