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Rosemary O. Fernandez

Five Ways to Rock Your Pale Skin During the Summer

By: Rosemary O. Fernandez

By now all the beach-goers have virtually perfected that golden-brown hue. But, you oh fair maiden whose pale skin was only on trend in days of yore, you’re stuck with sunburn blotches, a zillion more freckles than you started out with in June, and no tan in sight.

Just because your crisp compadres might rub it in, doesn’t mean you have to slink off to the tanning booth to banish your paleness. Why not embrace your be-freckled skin for the beautiful creation it is? But be careful of those UV rays – August still comes packed with them.

Here are five ways to keep the sunburns at bay and look fabulous while doing so.

1. Use sunscreen.

Obviously. Being born very fair, you know how important it is.

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2. Wear hats like a diva.

Or a baseball player if that’s more your style. But a big-brimmed, full-on racetrack hat not only makes you look confident, it also shields the hard-to-sunscreen places like the ever-pesky bridge of your nose, top of your ears, and scalp.

3. Wear long sleeves or throw a wrap over your shoulder.

Autumn collections are already on the floors of major retailers, so people will think you’re a step ahead in sartorial game.

4. If you’re headed to the beach for one last hurrah, wear a one-piece bathing suit.

Gals, you not only look much more glamorous than all the bikini bums, you also don’t have to worry about missing a problem spot on your tummy or back while applying your sun block.

5. Drink Tea.

Yeah, not kidding. Tea is just always a good idea in general, and it’s been reported that the polyphenols found in green tea could impede the development of skin tumors. So, while it’s not exact science, it certainly can’t hurt, and sipping from a nice cuppa is a surefire way to look classy.

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..What are you favorite tips for keeping your fair skin safe during the warmer months? Comment below.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

Photo Credit: Etsy Artist