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8 Tips And Tricks Makeup Tips For Redheads If You Wear Glasses

Makeup 🤝🏻 Glasses

If you’re a glasses-wearing redhead, you might feel pressured to skip the glasses or wear contacts when it comes time for makeup. Unfortunately, most makeup looks are done without glasses-wearers in mind. Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you can’t wear gorgeous makeup, and wearing makeup doesn’t mean you need contacts. Here are some of our tips and tricks for wearing makeup with your glasses. 

1. Invest in a good mirror

Depending on what your eyesight is like, doing your makeup can be a struggle. Taking your glasses on and off during the process can cause transfer and mess up your makeup before it’s set. Instead, invest in a good handheld or tabletop mirror you can use to get up close and personal during the application process. 

2. Set your face, especially your nose 

One of the biggest issues with wearing glasses is makeup transfer. Your glasses sit on your nose, which can often rub off your foundation or make it smudge. Under eyes and cheeks can also get messed up from your frames. Make sure you set your face really well after applying your makeup and use a little extra setting powder on the bridge of your nose to help reduce transfer. 

3. Always curl your lashes

Curling your lashes will help your eyes look more open, and it will reduce the risk of any mascara transferring to your lenses. To get your lashes to stay curled longer, try (carefully) heating up your lash curler with your blow dryer. 

4. Define your redhead brows

Most redheads have light brows, which can get lost behind your glasses frames. Defining your brows with Finally Have Brows tinted brow gel or brow pencil can help to balance your features. If you have dark, thick frames you may want a darker, bolder brow. If you have light, neutral, or dainty frames you might be able to get away with a softer more natural brow

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5. Skip the heavy eyeliner

Thick eyeliner can make your eyes look lost behind your glasses. Instead define the eye with a light liner, like a brown. Or you can opt for a little bit of brown shadow to create a small winged look at the edge of your eye. 

6. Pick the right mascara

Flakey mascara can be made worse by wearing glasses. If your lashes are brushing against the lenses you’re probably going to have some fallout and transfer. Pick a mascara that holds tight to the lashes and doesn’t have any flakes happening. Shop Finally Have Lashes now. 

Finally Have Lashes

7. Balance with a bold Lip

Wearing a bold pair of frames? Balance the look with a bold lip. Alternatively, you can play up your lips when wearing a more delicate frame if you feel eye makeup doesn’t suit your face as well as when wearing glasses. 

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8. Know your frames

Every redhead should have two pairs of glasses. One more neutral pair and one more boldepair. If bold isn’t your thing, opt for a dark-colored frame in a neutral style. You want something that compliments your complexion and blends in a bit like a clear frame, a nude frame, or a thin gold wire frame. You also want something that stands out like a black or dark brown frame, or a colored frame. These two options will allow you to play with more makeup looks. 

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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