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How to Choose The Right Glasses For Your Red Hair and Eye Color

Looking to purchase a new pair of glasses to kick off the new year but unsure what color to get? We’re here to give you a simple guide on how to choose the right glasses for your red hair and eye color.

1. Determine your skin tone

First, determine your skin tone to help guide you in the right way.

Cool skin tones do well with black, blue, green-blue, purple and gray frames.

Warm tones do well with beige, brown, gold, orange, off-white, red frames.

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2. Pair your glasses with your eye color

Green eyes

Pair well with earthy tones like brown and gold. Purple, burgundy and red are three great bold options.

Vogue Eyewear Women’s VO5285 Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Blue eyes

Pair well with dark blue, bright red, gray and pink. Orange is a great bold option if you’re looking to really step out of the box.

Ray-Ban Unisex-Adult RX2185V Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Hazel eyes

Pair well with dark green, gold and brown. Amber is another great bold option.


Machete Jewerly Jenny – Optical Blue Light Frames


Brown eyes

Pair well with green, gold and earthly tones like a dark brown and tortoiseshell.

Vicci Layla

Gray eyes

Pair well with any bold, bright frame.

Gucci Crystal-Embellished Square-Frame Glasses

What color eyes do you have? Share below!

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