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4 Ways To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Shape Face + Red Hair

Zenni + red hair = a perfect match

We had to start using prescription eyeglasses when we were very young redheads –– Stephanie was in the second grade and Adrienne was in the third grade! Over the years, we have explored all shapes, sizes, and colors. Now that we’re older, we’re beginning to realize just how expensive eyeglasses can be, especially when you’re prescription is -9.25 (ahem, Stephanie).

But, should they really be breaking the bank? That’s where Zenni comes in. They were founded in 2003 to offer super affordable, quality eyewear for all consumers, no matter the strength of prescription, style or preference. They have frames starting at $6.95. The best part is all you need is your up-to-date prescription and you can order your frames within minutes.

Stephanie wearing is wearing Tortoiseshell Rectangle Glasses #2023525 and Adrienne is wearing Black Round Glasses 7801821

Choosing the right eyewear can create your signature look and really make your red hair stand out even more. This was our first time purchasing eyeglasses online and we’re so pleased by the effortless process –– and the price.

We’re breaking down our top four tips on how to get your fabulous redhead self rockin’ Zenni glasses this redhead season:

1. Measure your PD

It’s important to not let your new glasses overpower your face. Before purchasing a pair online, make sure you measure the pupillary distance (PD) between the pupils of your eyes. This is important to make sure your eyes match up with the optical center of your lenses. If the PD is wrong, your eyes won’t be able to focus properly.

2. Find the right shade for your face 

This step is essential. You want to make sure your face, red hair and new glasses all look proportional. Head to the Zenni Face shape quiz to find the shape of your face.

Oval – Stick to square or round frames. Avoid anything that is too big.

Round – Stick to angular frames. Avoid small and round frames.

Heart – Stick to oval or round frames. Avoid dark, heavy frames.

Diamond – Stick to oval, rimless frames. Avoid anything that is too narrow.

Square – Stick to dark, round, oval frames. Avoid geometric frames.

3. Upload your gorgeous redhead photo 

Zenni offers a virtual mirror to try on and compare all your options to help you choose a frame. Upload a selfie and have some fun exploring new designs.

4. Pick a ‘redhead friendly’ frame 

Our advice is to stick to ‘redhead friendly’ colors that’ll help enhance your skin tone, freckles (if you have any) and of course, red hair. Tortoiseshell, navy blue, black, forest green and plum look amazing on a redhead.

What kind of frame do you wear? Share below!

Zenni, you’re awesome. Thank you for sponsoring this post and making amazing glasses at an affordable price.