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How To Choose ‘Redhead Friendly’ Glasses For Your Shape Face

It’s no secret. Glasses can take your look from “ok” to “wow”! Whether you’re rocking eyeglasses or specs, you need to find your perfect ‘redhead friendly’ pair. Many redheads find it difficult to pick out the right glasses in colors and shapes that flatter their style. And that’s a shame, because choosing the right eyewear can create your signature look and really make your hair and features stand out!

Luckily, with the help of our friends at Vint & York, a vintage inspired eyewear shop in New York City, we have great pieces of advice on how to pick the right pairs of glasses for your face and hair.

1. Use your face shape to your advantage

ROUND FACES: Redheads with rounder faces will look great in rectangular, wayfarer or angular square shaped glasses. Usually, these frames are wider than the face, which brings more balance by adding lengthening elements to any round features.

DAMME cat-eye glasses frame in black for women

SQUARE FACES: Red beauties with square faces can soften their angular features by wearing glasses that sit high on the bridge of the nose, in round, oval or teardrop shaped frames.

OVAL FACES: These beautiful faces seem to be the luckiest, as they can rock any style. Just be careful with the size you’re choosing, as this will take away from the face’s natural symmetry. Any pair of glasses should sit well on your face and not overpower your features. Go for any pair of glasses that adds width.

DIAMOND FACES: Eyewear fashion advisers often recommend redheads with diamond shaped faces to go for oval frames or frames that sweep upwards, to accentuate the cheekbones – a pair of cat eye glasses does this job perfectly.

Glasses bring a lot of focus to your eyebrows as well so make sure you keep them well groomed and shaped.

Adrienne and Stephanie, our co-founders, visited Vint & York last month!
Adrienne and Stephanie, our co-founders, visited Vint & York! Shop Adrienne’s Look. Shop Stephanie’s Look.

2. Matching your glasses to your hair cut

SHORT HAIR: Good news for redheads with short haircutsyou’re able to pull off any type of frame. Short hairstyles are the best to show off your new pair of frames because the look is balanced. If you’re not ready to part ways with your long locks, put your hair in a neat redhead ponytail and you’ll be able to pull off any look.

LONG HAIR: Long wavy hair styles that accentuate length and texture, and not necessarily volume, will look great with oversized sunnies or optical frames.

Vint & York On the Up vintage inspired round sunglasses
Vint & York On the Up vintage inspired round sunglasses. Shop the look.

TIP: If you fell in love with a pair of wide frames, stay away from hair cuts with too much volume on the sides, like a feathered haircut, that also add width to the face.

3. What spring eyewear trends are best for redheads?

TORTOISE SHELL GLASSES: This look is really hot right now. Redheads look great in this classic, chic eyewear print because the color is very ‘redhead friendly’. For the vintage feel, pick a style that has a key hole bridge. If you’re looking to move away from the standard darker eyeglasses, this could be the answer for you.

FOREST GREEN FRAMES: Another spring trend for redheads is forest green colored eyewear. A pair of green tinted frames will complement your red locks and is guaranteed to look spectacular with fair skin.

Vint & York Roosevelt Collection.
Vint & York Roosevelt Collection. Shop the look.

4. Redhead Specific Tips: 

Redheads usually keep their skin protected with sunscreen, but wearing sunglasses is equally as important. Vint & York recommends only using eyewear made out of quality materials, especially if you have sensitive skin. Acetate, silicones and titanium are safe to use and hypoallergenic; watch out for cheaply made made frames because they can make your skin break out.

As the weather gets warmer, sun protection is all about SPF and oversized sunglasses; it isn’t just a fashion statement, they protect your eyes and the sensitive skin around them. Whether it’s sunny or overcast, you need to stay protected. Here’s more on why to protect your eyes with sunnies.

Ginger, auburn, redheaded, strawberry blonde, or whatever your tone of red is, rock your frames with pride. Want more information on choosing the best glasses for your features? Use Vint & York’s unconventional guide to picking better glasses.

Rock it like a Redhead!