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WATCH: The Perfect Ponytail and Chignon For Redheads

It's super easy.

All redheads can easily turn a perfect ponytail into a classic chignon:

You will need a brush, tail comb, redhead hair ties, six redhead bobby pins & hairspray.

The Perfect Ponytail

1. Secure two redhead bobby pins on opposite ends of elastic.

2. Smooth hair back into a ponytail and hold with one hand.

3. With free hand, secure one bobby pin on a vertical angle to the left side of the ponytail and wrap the elastic around the ponytail clockwise until tight, then secure the other redhead bobby pin.

4. Next, take a small section of hair from the bottom of the left side and spray it with hairspray.

5. Wrap it clockwise around the ponytail spritzing with hairspray with each new layer until the hair is wrapped securely.

To turn this classic look into an chignon updo:

1. Roll the ends of the hair under and up until they meet the base of the perfect ponytail.

2. Tuck chin down to create tension & secure the rolled ends into the base of ponytail with bobby pins on a vertical upward slant.

3. Spray with hairspray to complete the chignon.

Rock it like a Redhead!