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The Best 5 Eye Glasses To Pair With Your Red Hair

Make a Statement with Your Frames!

If you wear glasses, you know there’s a lot of thought that goes into picking your next pair of frames. For some, they prefer a statement glass frame, others want neutral options and some want the frame to elevate their signature redhead look.

Choosing glasses that complement your red hair are usually warm-toned frames like tortoiseshell, earthy greens, or warm browns. It’s best to avoid colors that clash, like bright pinks or reds. However, personal style and face shape also play a role, so it’s essential to try on various options to find what suits you best.

Having trouble finding your next pair? Or maybe you want a new addition to add to your collection. Here are 5 glasses frames we love for redheads: 

1. Prescription Frames: Tribal Eyes Mocha Oversized Square Brown Two Tone Unisex Eyewear 

These chunky brown frames are both neutral and a statement because of their size. The brown is ultra-flattering on redheads. 

Tribal Eyes Mocha Oversized Square Brown Two Tone Unisex Eyewear: $280

2. Reading Glasses: I-SEA Royal Reading Glasses

These cute tortoiseshell frames are a great way to make a statement while keeping it more neutral. The retro frame style makes them unique. 

I-SEA Royal Reading Glasses: $28

3. Blue Light: The Book Club Blue Light Harlot’s Bed Reading Glasses Blue Light Harlot’s Bed Reading Glasses

For those who work on the computer a lot, blue light glasses are a must. They keep your eyes safe and protected while looking chic. 

The Book Club Blue Light Harlot's Bed Reading Glasses: $30

4. Reading Glasses: Black Cateye Textured Reading Glasses

These black readers are perfect for those who love a more retro look to their glasses.

Black Cateye Textured Reading Glasses: $27

5. Reading Glasses: IZIPIZI Women’s Green #C Reading Square-frame Glasses

These green reading glasses are stylish and make a statement. They will pair perfectly with red hair. 

IZIPIZI Women's Green #C Reading Square-frame Glasses: $50

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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