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Why Redheads Need Polarized Sunglasses (And Product Recommendations)

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Your Next Pair, Crimson Beauty

You’ve probably noticed the word “polarized” when you’re shopping for sunglasses but might not know what that really means. Here’s everything you need to know about polarized sunglasses and why you need them:

What are polarized sunglasses?

When sunglasses are polarized, it means they have a special coating on them that non-polarized sunglasses don’t have. The coating is meant to help reduce glare and help you see more clearly in the bright sun. Polarized sunglasses also protect your eyes from eye strain and harmful UV rays when outdoors. 

Why choose polarized over non-polarized?

When shopping for sunglasses, you should always choose polarized. They are usually the same price if not just a couple of dollars more than non-polarized and they will help protect your eyes better. Eyestrain and sun damage to your eyes is something that can cause you a lot of vision problems down the road, so take care of your eyes now!

Looking for polarized sunglasses? We love these:

Carfia Vintage Round Polarized Sunglasses


Carfia Vintage Round Polarized Sunglasses: $25

WearMe Pro – Reflective Lens Round Sunglasses

WearMe Pro - Reflective Lens Round Sunglasses: $16

SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses

SOJOS Classic Round Sunglasses: $16

SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses

SUNGAIT Vintage Round Sunglasses: $16

VANLINKER Polarized Rectangle Retro 90s Sunglasses

VANLINKER Polarized Rectangle Retro 90s Sunglasses: $11


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