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How Redheads Can Perfect the “Soft Liner” Look

Soft and subtle!

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Perfecting your eyeliner skills can be a lot of work, but there’s one eyeliner trend that you can get down easily. “Soft liner” is more forgiving and easier to learn, plus it’s super flattering on all eye and face shapes. Here’s how you can learn to perfect your “soft liner” look — and how we think it complements red hair: 

Get a good product 

To achieve soft liner you can go two different routes. One is to use eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush. The other is to use a pencil eyeliner and eyeliner brush. Eyeliner can be a bit easier to control, but you might want to try this out at home with some eyeshadow before going out and buying a new product. For your eyeshadow, you will want a dark, matte brown with good pigment. For your eyeliner, you will also want a dark, matte brown, but can opt for whatever consistency of liner you prefer. For your eyeliner brush, you will want a sharp angled brush. You can also do this look with different colored eyeshadows and liners. Brown is the softest and most flattering for an everyday look. 

Start on the lid

After applying the eyeliner or eyeshadow to your angled brush, you want to start right at the lashline on the outer corner of the eye. Don’t extend past the edge of the eye right now, you’ll create your wing later. Gently define the outer corner of the eye as far in as you like, about halfway is usually good. Your liner should taper off the closer you get to the inner corner of the eye. When applying, use gentle upward strokes to help diffuse the liner. Once your lid is lined move onto the wing. 

Create your wing

Choose where you want your wing to be and move in quick sharp strokes from there toward inwards the outer corner of the eye. Repeat until your wing is as dark and defined as you like it. You can clean up the wing with a Q-tip if you make any mistakes. 

A tutorial we love for the soft eyeliner look is this one from Shonagn Scott. She’s not a redhead, but her look is very wearable to all skin tones + hair colors: 

Why it looks so good with red hair 

This soft liner look can complement red hair because it creates contrast and enhances the features in a subtle way. The brown lines of eyeliner against the bright hues of red hair create a striking look, drawing attention to the eyes and making them pop. Additionally, the contrast can help define the eyes and add depth to the overall appearance.

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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Video Credit: Shonagh Scott