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Puppy Eyeliner Is The TikTok Trend Redheads Need To Try

Would you try this with your eye shape?

Puppy liner is now a new trend, in fact, this style has been around for years, but it’s recently become popular again. This form of eyeliner application is where you draw the liner down towards the lower lash-line instead of up towards the brow. This style creates a downturned effect on the eye giving it a sad almost pouty look. 

One of the reasons that puppy liner is popular is that it’s a great way for people with hooded or deep-set eyes to achieve a wing that’s visible and won’t get lost in the folds of their eyes. 

The look can be done with liquid or pencil eyeliner and looks great on tons of different eye shapes. For redheads, this eyeliner looks amazing in a brown color so it’s less harsh. Pair the look with long lashes and minimalist eyeshadow for a sweet and sultry effect. 

Watch a redhead tutorial on TikTok:


Trying puppy dog eyeliner – idk if I did it right #puppyeyeliner #puppyeyelinertutorial

♬ oblivion by grimes – cat

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