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Spring Eyeshadows To Make Your Eyes (And Red Hair) Pop

Bring on Spring!

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Spring Eyeshadow

Spring is in the air and it’s time to play with new eyeshadow colors. We love spring colors for redheads because they really make your eyes (and red hair) pop. Here are some of our favorite spring eyeshadow colors and a few palettes to help to create the look. 


One of the most stunning colors for redheads is purple. There’s something about the way purple pairs with red hair that is just perfection. For spring we love light muted purples like lavender and violet.


Cool-toned colors like blue and green are also very complementary for redheads of all eye colors. Opt for a soft baby blue, a periwinkle, a pastel green, or even a seafoam color for your spring eyeshadow.


Both warm and cool-toned pink can look really stunning on redheads. Pink can be a bold choice, so opt for a more muted pink shade for springtime.


If pink isn’t your thing, try a coral or peach color. These warmer pink/orange shades won’t pop as much as some of the other colors but they will be very flattering with your red hair.


Mixing and matching the colors of spring is great for a bolder eye look. Some color combos we love are pink and blue, orange and blue, and purple and green. 

Perfect Redhead-Approved spring eyeshadow palettes for redheads:


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