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The Best Colors Redheads Can Wear to Enhance Eye Color

Make your eyes (and red hair) pop!

We talk a lot about enhancing our red hair and colors that will complement our unique hair color. Picking colors that complement your natural features is a great way to build your personal wardrobe color palette. Another natural feature we love enhancing is… our eyes! 

The best way to enhance eye color is to wear colors that fall on the opposite side of the color wheel. These colors will help your eye color stand out without clashing. You can also go for a more monochromatic (only one color) look to make your look cohesive. When opting for monochromatic, try to find a shade that is darker or lighter than your eyes to keep the contrast. 

If you have GREEN eyes the best color choices are: 

  • Purple – Both light and dark shades will look amazing with green eyes. Dark shades are perfect for fall and winter, while light lavender is a wonderful spring/summer color for redheads with green eyes. 
  • Yellow – Lots of redheads think they can’t wear yellow, but it will really make your green eyes and red hair shine. Opt for a warmer yellow like mustard instead of pale yellow so there’s more contrast. 
  • Coral – This orange/pink shade is stunning with green eyes. This is a wonderful summertime color, but you can also incorporate it into your makeup year-round with coral lips and blush.
  • Shades of Green – For a monochromatic look, try deep emerald green or moss green.

If you have BLUE eyes the best color choices are:

  • Pink – Pink in all shades looks amazing with blue eyes. For redheads with blue eyes, we love light pinks, dusty pinks, and some bold options like fushia as well. 
  • Orange/Copper – Warm tones really make blue eyes pop and orange/copper is a great option. You can opt for bright orange or stick to the more burnt orange colors. Pick something that’s opposite your hair to make that pop as well. 
  • Shades of Blue – For a monochromatic look try deep navy blue or light baby blue. 

If you have BROWN eyes the best color choices are:

  • Green – For a nice earthy look we love green with brown eyes. Opt for soft greens like khaki green, moss green, and army green.
  • Pale Pinks – Light colors will really make your brown eyes stand out and will compliment your red hair. Pale pinks, dusty pinks, and mauves are all great options. 
  • Blue – One of the best colors to pair with brown is blue, and rich blues will look stunning with your red hair and brown eyes. 
  • Beige/Light Brown – For a monochromatic look, try shades of beige and light brown.

If you have HAZEL eyes the best color choices are:

You can pull from either the green or brown list. Depending on the colors you choose you may find your eyes look more green or brown that day. Some other colors hazel eyes might want to try include

  • Gold & Copper – Warm metallic colors will really make hazel eyes pop, especially if used in makeup or clothing items worn closer to the face. 

For all eye colors, these are some of our rules: 

  • Black and white can help all eye colors to pop.
  • Your green or blue eyes may look grayer when wearing gray — causing your eyes to dull out. This is because our eyes tend to pick up gray shades and emit it more. 
  • Wear colors that express your beautiful personality!

Rock it like a Redhead!


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