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5 At-Home Tips for Redheads Who Dye or Enhance Their Hair

So many options!

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So many of us are working from home and unable to see a hair professional. You might be a natural redhead who went gray/white and frequently dye it, you may be a natural redhead and your hair is “browning out”/fading, or you may be a redhead ‘by choice’.

All of these types of redheads need to upkeep their red and these are the 5 tips for keeping your red hair vibrant at home:

1. Apply a root cover-up product

You can head directly to this article to read the many root cover-up products we suggest. It’s a great option if you’re between colorings and want a little boost, or have gray/white roots to cover up. Root cover-ups deliver quick and easy coverage for every shade of red hair. It is a quick, affordable option that delivers amazing results.

2. Experiencing fading red hair? Try a color depositing shampoo or hair gloss

This is, by far, the #1 most-asked question amongst H2BAR followers. Thankfully, there are so many options and this is also why we frequently include a color depositing shampoo in monthly and Deluxe H2BAR Boxes.

The above main photo is of Stephanie from the “How to be a Redhead” beauty book. The product used to get this look was John Frieda Clear Shine Luminous Hair Glaze.

See these top articles for more advice on ‘upping’ your red hair:  Top Color Depositing Shampoos For Redheads and 7 Hair Glosses for Redheads.

3. Don’t wash your red hair every day to extend color treatments

When you wash your hair, you’re washing out the color depositing product, dye, root cover-up, etc. You want to wash your hair at a maximum of 2-3 days per week. If your hair is naturally oily, you can opt for a dry shampoo to keep you from washing your hair too much. Check out these top articles on our favorite dry shampoo products & DIY at home tricks: 5 Best Dry Shampoo Products For Your Red Hair and A Dry Shampoo Trick Every Redhead Should Know About.

4. Try a customized dye or gloss delivered right to your doorstep

Yes, this exists! You can actually talk to a representative online about your hair and they will send their recommended products right to you. See more: eSalon Custom Hair Color Set 

5. Try a boxed dye or henna

These are the recommended colors for redheads:

Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Permanent Hair Color Cream, Light Copper Red


Garnier Hair Color Nutrisse Nourishing Creme, 643 Light Natural Copper


Light Mountain Natural Hair Color & Conditioner in Red 

Want more tips about henna? 10 Things To Know Before Using Henna On Your Red Hair 

Rock it like a Redhead!

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