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ASK RONA: How To Stop Red Hair from “Browning Out”

Most redheads face this problem. It's an easier fix then you might think

Q: My hair is a natural strawberry-blonde in the summer and a little darker red in other seasons, but in the winter it turns almost brown and very dull. Is there anything I can do to keep my red hair from fading? Can I naturally brighten it? I’m very pale and scared a henna treatment could look a bit extreme or unnatural on me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

A: By celebrity hair colorist, Rona O’Connor

Your red hair is going through what I call “browning out”. Any redhead on a blonder side tends to go more dishwater “brownout,” as I call it. This is a natural progression and it happens to blondes too. But, no worries because there are four options.

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1. Try an at-home hair gloss

Try a glossing treatment that is temporary, consists of copper and will give a beautiful, natural red enhancing result. My favorite product is Goldwell Colorance Soft Color Foam, 7kg Copper Gold. Check it out and see where you can get a treatment using Goldwell’s products at a salon near you. It is my favorite transition for redheads who “brownout.”

2. Consult with a colorist. 

Make sure to visit your local salon and talk to her/him about your hair situation.

3. Try a color depositing shampoo

All you may need is a good color depositing shampoo & conditioner to make your red pop. Sometimes it’s that easy!

4. Do not run to henna. 

Firstly, henna is not my first suggestion because it isn’t always compatible with other treatments. If you have natural red hair, it could work fine. But, if you have color in your hair, it is not suggested.

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