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Jennifer Haynes

Henna For Redheads

By: Jennifer Haynes

Henna is a plant which produces flowers used for many different things from cosmetics to dying wool or leather. It is becoming a trend now to use henna to attain the perfect shade of red. Not only does it coat your hair in a gorgeous red, but it is also extremely healthy to use. Commercial dyes use lots of chemicals that are harmful for your health in the long run and they also are not healthy for your hair and can dry it out.

Here are the benefits of using Henna: 

-Cools heat from scalp and body.

-Doesn’t disturb natural oils or pH balance of the scalp.

-Helps reduce headaches and other pains.

-Aids in a restful sleep, helpful with insomnia.

-Therapeutic and calming.

-Fights scalp infection or dandruff.

-Improves blood circulation which helps prevent thinning hair and stimulates hair growth.

-Thoroughly cleanses scalp and adds bounce and body to hair.

Here is one way to use Henna next time you need a little color enhancement: 

1. Choose henna that is body art quality because this will ensure that you get good color.

2. Mix lemon juice and henna powder. It should turn into the same consistency of yogurt.

3. Cover bowl tightly with plastic wrap and allow the henna to cure for a minimum of 12 hours in a warm place.

4. Put the henna into a plastic bottle and apply the henna paste to your hair in sections starting at the roots.

5. Leave the henna on for about 2-6 hours shampoo and rinse with warm water.

Your hair will start out a much brighter color and darken over the next two days.