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How to Wear Orange This Redhead Season

Your Guide to Rocking Orange this Fall

Redhead season is here! Orange is one of the colors that most fashion magazines say redheads should stay away from, but we think differently. Having red hair shouldn’t limit your color options. All you have to do is pick the right shades to complement your skin tone and red hair color. Here are a few ways to rock orange with your red hair this fall: 

1. Pick the right shade of orange


Skip the neon orange and opt instead for a nice warm rust color. It will complement your hair and skin and looks amazing in the fall. 


Sweet Romeo Modern Girl Ribbed Raglan Sleeve Pullover Sweater

Burnt Peach

Another orange shade that looks stunning on redheads is peach. The subtle pink tones will look great with your skin and won’t overwhelm your hair. 

The Endless Summer The Simple Pleasures Shirt



A brown-toned orange is another great option for redheads. Its dark warm tones will help your hair pop and it won’t wash you out. 

Catherine Malandrino Cashmere Cardigan Duster


While it teeters the line between orange and yellow, warm honey tones are a great pick for fall. 

The Reykjavik Scarf In Darkened Honey 

2. Pair orange with the right color 

If you feel like orange is going to be too bold or too much with your hair, try pairing it with neutrals. Orange looks great with colors like white, beige, cranberry, camel, and black and it will allow you to balance your outfit. Denim can also act as a neutral if you want to rock an orange top. 

3. Be bold and confident 

If you like orange you should wear it. Having confidence is the easiest way to look your best. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that redheads can’t wear orange because they’ve never seen you Rock it like a Redhead!