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How Redheads Can Rock the 2024 Pinterest Color Palette

These Colors are HOT Right Now

Pinterest has transformed from just an idea-saving and sharing website into one of the biggest trend predictors and reporters. Pinterest is adept at predicting trends for several reasons:

1. Visual Discovery: Pinterest is a visual platform where users discover and share ideas through images. This format allows users to easily explore and engage with content that resonates with them visually, making it a fertile ground for identifying emerging trends based on what users are saving and sharing.

2. Search Data: Pinterest’s search functionality provides valuable insights into what users are actively searching for. By analyzing search trends and patterns, Pinterest can identify rising interests and emerging topics before they become mainstream.

3. User Intent: Unlike other social media platforms where users often share personal updates or news articles, Pinterest users typically save content related to their interests, aspirations, and future plans. This focus on future-oriented content makes Pinterest a rich source of data for predicting upcoming trends.

4. Longevity of Content: Pins on Pinterest have a longer lifespan compared to posts on other social media platforms. Pins continue to be discovered and shared over time, allowing Pinterest to track trends over a longer period and identify sustained interest in particular topics.

5. Data Analysis and Machine Learning: Pinterest employs advanced data analysis techniques and machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior, identify patterns, and make predictions about future trends based on past data. This analytical approach enhances Pinterest’s ability to anticipate shifts in consumer preferences and cultural trends.

Overall, Pinterest’s combination of visual discovery, search data, user intent, content longevity, and data analysis capabilities makes it well-suited for predicting trends across various industries and interests. This means it’s a great source for staying on (and even ahead) of the trends. Recently, Pinterest released its first-ever annual color palette. These are the colors they see trending in 2024. The five colors selected create the 2024 Pinterest Palette. And it’s not limited to one shade — these colors are being embraced in all saturations. 

So, how can redheads rock these 2024 trends? We’ve got you covered:

Desert Orange

Desert Orange is a gorgeous color, and it’s a great way for redheads to rock the color orange. The brown undertones make it subtle but rich. This is a color that will complement your red hair perfectly. Desert orange pairs perfectly with neutrals like black, brown, and shades of white as well as denim. Darker orange colors are usually seen as fall colors, but can also be rocked in the spring and summer months. Rock this color on your nails with a polish like ‘Let it Slide’ from Essie

Gummy Pink

Gummy Pink is a gorgeous shade of pink! It falls into the berry family with colors we love like fushia and magenta. Darker pinks look amazing on redheads and really bring out our hair color. Rocking a color like this might overwhelming but it’s really about how you style it. Pair your pink with neutrals and other more muted tones to let it be the star of the show. Rock this color on your nails with a polish like ‘Without a Pout’ from OPI

Aqua Blue

Aqua Blue is no surprise. This gorgeous shade looks stunning on redheads in all saturation levels and is super fun for spring and summer. Pair your aqua with neutrals, and other cool-toned colors like pinks and purples for a fun look. Rock this color on your nails with a polish like ‘Drama at La Scala’ from OPI

Moss Green

Moss Green is a favorite for redheads and a no-brainer for springtime. All shades of green really bring out the red in our hair and complement our skin. This muted green shade is the perfect way to add a small pop of color or to pair with neutrals for a “nature-inspired” look. Rock this color on your nails with a polish like ‘Precious Cargo-Go!’ from Essie

Mocha Brown

Mocha Brown is a lovely brown shade that we love for redheads. From the light to the dark end, these mauve brown colors look beautiful with red hair. Go all out with a monochromatic mocha look, or use it as your neutral base to rock some of the other trending colors. Rock this color on your nails with a polish like ‘Espresso Your Inner Self’ from OPI.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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