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Sponges vs. Makeup Brushes: Which One Should Redheads Use?

We explain it all.

When applying your redhead makeup, there are a lot of different makeup application tools, but the two most popular tools are sponges and brushes. Each tool is used for different reasons and has its pros and cons. Ever wonder what happens when they go head to head?

Let’s compare sponge v. brush with 5 basic makeup products:


  • Sponge – Makeup sponges are perfect for applying a light, buildable base foundation. They can be used for everything from tinted moisturizers to traditional foundations. A sponge will give you slightly lighter coverage but a good texture.
  • Brush – Makeup brushes are best for getting full coverage. You can build on coverage or use a full coverage foundation without losing much product. Just be cautious of the texture your brush leaves behind. 


  • Sponge – Because they soak up some product and aren’t the best for building coverage, makeup sponges typically won’t give you a full coverage concealer look, but they can give you some light coverage and help blend out spot concealing
  • Brush – A small makeup brush is great for spot concealing and getting full coverage in tight areas like your undereye


  • Sponge – For applying a liquid or cream blush, sponges are the way to go. You will get a better finish and perfect blending. 
  • Brush – Save your brush for powder blushes so you can gently sweep the color on and blend it out.

Bronzer / Contour

  • Sponge – Want a light, natural-looking glow? Opt for a sponge when applying your liquid or cream bronzer and contour. It will blend out nicely and leave you looking sun-kissed. 
  • Brush – If you’re looking to sculpt the face or heavily bronze with powder bronzer, use your makeup brush for more precision and definition. 


  • Sponge – Contrary to popular belief, you can apply powder products with a sponge, and sponges are actually remarkable for spot setting with powder. If you want to keep your look dewy set only oily areas with a little loose powder on the tip of your sponge. 
  • Brush – Big fluffy brushes are great for setting your face with finishing powder, but they will leave you looking a bit more matte. 

When to use a sponge, and when to use a brush

Makeup sponges and makeup brushes both have their place in your beauty bag. Use a makeup sponge for blending, getting natural texture, and keeping things light. Opt for a makeup brush when you’re looking to build coverage or color or need more precision. 

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