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We Think This $5 Foundation is Worth the Hype For (Some) Redheads

But skip it if you’re sensitive to smell.

There’s a foundation that’s been going viral lately. It’s definitely worth the hype, but some redheads may be too sensitive to use it. We want you to get the rundown and meet the $5 foundation everyone is raving about. It’s called Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus Foundation.

This ultra-affordable foundation comes in about 20 shades, has tens of thousands of glowing reviews, and can be purchased for around $5 in most drugstores or online. The foundation might be “cheap” but the results are that of a high-end foundation brand.

This foundation isn’t new by any means but the internet’s love for it is. This specific foundation is currently being hyped up by celebs, makeup artists, and creators online because it has a gorgeous finish and lasts all day. It’s also formulated to reduce flash-back when photographed with flash photography. For this price point, you can’t beat it.

Want to try the foundation yourself? Here are a few tips:

  • Spot test it first: Most people with sensitive skin find this product to work just fine for their skin, but as always, spot test if you have super sensitive skin.
  • Use a primer: This foundation works best with a nice primed base. For full coverage, use a brush – you can use either a brush or a sponge, but a brush will give more coverage with this one.
  • Skip it if you’re sensitive to smell: Like many drugstore products, users have noted this foundation does have an odd smell, so if you’re sensitive to smell (not fragrance on the skin, but the smell of the product) skip this one.

Wet n’ Wild PhotoFocus Foundation: $5


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