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6 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography of Your Red Hair

Get a Gorgeous Ginger Selfie!

If you’ve ever tried to get the perfect photo, you might know what a struggle it can be. Sometimes your skin looks washed out or your red hair doesn’t look as vibrant. Fear not! We’ve got a few tips on how to get the perfect redhead photo. From shooting to editing and everything in between. 

How To Shoot The Photo

1. Find Your Lighting: One of the biggest struggles for those of us with fair skin is looking washed out in photos. The best way to avoid this is to have good lighting. Direct sunlight might make your hair look amazing, but it will probably wash you out. Additionally, fluorescent lighting might make your skin look dull and sickly. Opt for natural light that’s bright but not direct. Ring lights are all the rage right now because you get perfect adjustable lighting right at home! 

2. Be Aware of the Colors Around You: Another thing that can wash you out or throw off the coloring is the colors around you. Be aware of the colors of your clothing and surroundings. Having too much dark color in the photo will make you look ghostly. Balance out colors with lighter more neutral tones to let your hair be the main focus. 

3. Use Your Camera Settings: A great way to ensure you get a good shot is to use your camera’s focus and pinpoint it on your skin. Since it’s usually one of the lightest things in the picture, it will help to keep you from being washed out or overexposed. There are so many helpful tips on TikTok and YouTube! Search #cameratricks and you’ll find helpful/easy video tutorials like this: 


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How To Edit The Photo

4. Lighten & Brighten: Most high-quality photos are taken with a ton of light. You might not always have access to that much light, so if your photos are looking a little dark or dull, brighten them up. Just be careful to adjust exposure too much. Brightening photos will also help to brighten up the colors and make them look more professional. Use your iPhone or download the Lightroom App for even better quality. Here’s another great tip: 


Try settings in the Lightroom app for bright photos. #photomagic #lightroompresets #photographytricks

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5. Enhance Only The Colors You Want: It might be tempting to up the saturation to enhance your hair and the other colors in the photo. This can work, but be careful it doesn’t mess with your skin tone or make things look oversaturated. A great way to avoid this problem is by using the app used above: Lightroom. You can pinpoint colors and enhance the orange and red in your hair while turning down things like yellow to make white pop more or enhancing your surroundings. 

6. Play with Temperature: As you play with saturation and adjust your colors, be mindful of how warm or cool the photo is running. If your photo is feeling too warm, turn the temperature down, and if the photo is running too cool, add some glow by adjusting the temp to the warmer side. 

Ready, set, pose! Your red hair will thank you. Rock it like a Redhead!