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How Redheads Can Apply Foundation Without Covering Freckles

Keep Your Freckles Shining Through!

At How to be a Redhead, we love freckles and we love finding ways to wear our favorite makeup products without hiding them. Foundation is one of those products that is meant to even the skin tone and cover blemishes, which often means freckles can get lost. Here’s how to apply foundation and keep your freckles glowing:

1. Thin out your foundation

A thick, full coverage foundation is going to cover freckles easily, so either opt for a more light coverage formula or thin out your existing foundation with some tinted moisturizer or a facial moisturizer to get a more sheer coverage.

2. Apply from the outside in 

Instead of applying foundation all over the face, apply it around the perimeter, then blend your way in. This will leave you with minimal coverage on the center of the face where most redheads have the most freckles. 

3. Spot conceal

If you’re a freckled redhead who also struggles with acne or blemishes you might still want to cover those without getting too much coverage on your freckles. The best way to do this is to use a sheer/light foundation and then spot conceal your blemishes with a concealer that matches your skin color.

4. Grab a sponge and blend

Different tools and brushes will give you different coverage. Applying with a foundation brush will give you a heavier coverage, instead opt for a beauty sponge and blend like crazy. The more you blend the more the foundation will melt into the face letting your freckles show through. 


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