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How to Get Freckles Without Damaging Your Redhead Skin

Make Your Freckles Pop!

Freckles are super trendy right now, and lots of people including non-freckled redheads want them! There is a rise in people trying faux freckles, and you can see the trend across TikTok.  

Natural freckles come from being out in the sun, and while freckles aren’t a form of sun damage, trying to expose your skin to the sun could cause sun damage. With that said, we know you still want them, so here’s how to get freckles without damaging your skin.

Situation: You can’t naturally get freckles. Here’s how to fake it: 

USE MAKEUP: Probably the easiest way to get freckles with no skin damage is to use makeup. People have found all sorts of creative ways to apply real-looking freckles using makeup you can wash off whenever you want. 

TRY HENNA/SELF TANNER: If you want something a little longer lasting than makeup, try staining the skin with henna. Simply paint the freckles on where you want, let it dry and then you’ll have stained skin for several days or weeks. This can also be done with a self-tanner


GET FRECKLE TATTOOS: For those who are really ready to commit to freckles, you can get freckle tattoos! Like other cosmetic tattoos, they don’t last forever, so you may need touch-ups if you want to keep the look, but they do look pretty convincing.

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Situation: You can get freckles naturally, but you want them more pronounced  

WEAR SUNSCREEN: Going out in the sun isn’t inherently bad. Sun is great for mood-boosting and getting vitamin D. It is bad when you get too much sun exposure without the proper protection. The best way to get your freckles to show up is heading outside, but make sure you’re using facial SPF to reduce sun damage. 

LIMIT SUN EXPOSURE: As we said, too much sun exposure is when you start to become at risk for skin damage. Limit your direct sun exposure to 10-15 mins during high UV index days and over time you will see your freckles start to emerge. 

SKIP FOUNDATION: If you want to encourage your freckles to come out, head out with a bare face (when we say bare, we don’t mean skip the SPF). Wearing foundation puts an extra layer between you and the sun and lessens your chances of your freckles appearing.


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