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7 Ways To Combat Breakouts, Blemishes and Blackheads Due To Summer Heat

Summer heat can be killer! Here's how to combat that!

During the hotter months, you may find your redhead skin is prone to more acne. This happens because when your skin is exposed to excess heat and friction it becomes irritated and inflamed causing you to break out. Redheads typically have more sensitive skin than those with other hair colors, so it’s important to learn how to combat the blemishes so you can have fresh, clear summer skin. 

1. Wash and exfoliate regularly

Excessive sweat, use of sunscreen and heat can cause breakouts and blemishes on the face, neck, and back. Combat this by cleansing your face daily and exfoliating from head to toe on a regular basis. Be sure to moisturize after you wash and exfoliate so your skin can soak up the nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy. It’s also suggested to use a gentle konjac sponge to scrub your face night/day. It effectively unclogs pores along with excess oil and dirt. 

2. Get a summer skin care routine

In addition to summer sweat, your skin might be struggling from dryness due to chlorine exposure, heat exposure, and sunburn. It’s important to have a summer skin routine that helps to cleanse away the build-up of the day while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. 

3. Cool it on the makeup

If you’ve got summertime breakouts, it might be tempting to cover them up with heavy foundation and concealer. The best thing you can do for your summer acne is to let it breathe and heal. Try to lay off the makeup as much as you can while you treat your blemishes with skincare. 

4. Say goodbye to sweat

Breakouts caused by sweat are a pain, and avoiding sweating isn’t always an option in the summer. Try to combat these blemishes by removing excess sweat from your skin by showering or washing your face as soon as you can. 

5. Stay hydrated 

Summer heat can leave our bodies dehydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water every single day to keep your skin moisturized and nourished. You’ll be surprised how much adding a few extra glasses of water to your daily routine can help summer breakouts. 

6. Wear breathable clothing

If you’ve got blemishes on your body in places like your back or chest, make sure to wear breathable clothing. Loose fitting cotton is a great option to give your skin the room it needs. If you’re exercising, try wearing sweat-wicking clothing to help prevent excess sweat from sitting on the skin. 

7. Get a facial 

Wearing sunscreen daily is a must and it’s difficult to escape the heat. Find a trust esthetician and let them help you exfoliate and clean out your pores.

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