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5 Facts About Freckles You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know?

Freckles are ultra-common amongst redheads, but did you know these five freckle facts?

1. Not all redheads have freckles

Red hair and freckles don’t come from the same gene, which means you can have one without having the other. Those with the redhead gene are more likely to have the freckle gene but many redheads have no freckles

2. You aren’t born with freckles

Because freckles come from the sun, we aren’t born with them. Most children develop freckles around age 2 when they start getting more sun exposure. 

3. Freckles aren’t harmful

While freckles do come from sun exposure, they aren’t sun damage or a sign of skin cancer. There can be sun spots or cancerous spots that look similar to freckles but they aren’t really freckles.

4. People of all skin colors/ethnicities can have freckles 

Freckles are usually seen on fair skin, but did you know that people of all skin colors can have freckles? Freckles are more prominent the lighter your skin is, but they can be found in all ethnicities. 

5. Freckles can get darker in the winter 

We usually see our freckles darkening in the summertime when there is more sun exposure. Well, your freckles can actually darken in the winter as well if you’re not retaining enough moisture in the skin

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