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Top 4 Reasons to Love & Celebrate Your Beautiful Freckles

Red hair and freckles rock!

As redheads, we’ve heard a million jokes and jabs about our freckles. They’ve also come and gone as a trend over the years. Remember when it was super trendy to draw them on!

Well, we think freckles are pretty cool and there are so many reasons to celebrate your beautiful freckles. Here are 4 top reasons: 

1. They give you some color 

Most redheads have quite fair skin. When you have fair skin and freckles, it makes your skin look less ghostly and more natural. It provides you with some color and depth. For many redheads, the majority of their skin’s melanin is in their freckles. 

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2. They can hide imperfections 

Got a small pimple, a scar, or a slightly uneven skin tone? Freckles are nature’s concealer. On those without freckles, a skin imperfection might stand out. Freckles help to conceal any minor “flaws” in your skin. 

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3. They help you look youthful

Freckles are something that people often get in the summertime when they are younger but not when they are older. Having freckles all the time can help you appear to be more youthful than you are. 

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4. They make you unique

Like snowflakes, no two freckles are the same, which means no two redheads are the same. They make you unique and that alone makes them beautiful and worth having. Don’t forget to wear your SPF, but enjoy the sun and enjoy your freckles because they are special. 

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Here are some special photos to celebrate the uniqueness of freckles:

Rock it like a Redhead!