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Do Redheads Look Younger? Study Says They’re More Likely To Age Slower

This is seriously the best news for redheads

As if we needed another reason to love our red hair.

Have you ever had someone assume you were younger than you were? It’s commonly said redheads age more gracefully than those with other hair colors and most look several years younger than they actually are.

A few years ago, we discussed a recent study about redheads aging slower, but more studies are on the rise. Here are more reasons why redheads might appear to be younger than they really are:

Red hair usually grays or turns white later in life

You may have noticed most redheads don’t gray the way other hair colors do. Often, red hair will just start to fade until it’s white or a warm gray tone. Due to this, many redheads can keep youthful-looking hair longer than their blonde or brunette counterparts. 

Redheads might have less damage/signs of aging 

Redheads know the importance of using SPF and proper sun protection. This means that there is a reduced risk of sun damage and early signs of aging in the skin of redheads. This means our skin stays youthful for longer, helping us appear younger.

The MC1R gene might actually make redheads look young

According to research published in Current Biology, people with the MC1R gene, aka the gene that produces red hair and fair skin, tend to look several years younger than their non-ginger counterparts. Studies have shown that the MC1R gene that is carried by redheads may actually help to reduce the effects of UV exposure and reduce inflammation in the body. Both of these factors might help redheads to appear more youthful. 


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