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Startling News: Redhead Gene Makes You Look Younger

...another reason to love being a redhead.

A new study from the Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands reveals the redhead gene, known as the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), is a key factor in looking younger.

Yes, fabulous redhead, you heard right.

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Researchers studied the faces of about 2,700 elderly Dutch Europeans and found those carrying the MC1R gene looked on average two years younger than their initial age.

Dr. Manfred Kayser, Professor of Genetic Identification at Erasmus University, stated, “For the first time a gene has been found that explains in part why some people look older and others younger for their age. Looking young for one’s age has been a desire since time immemorial. The desire is attributable to the belief that appearance reflects health and fecundity.”

The MC1R gene does manifest itself into different forms, many of which cause the redhead gene. [So, if you’re reading this and aren’t a natural redhead, don’t worry. It is possible that you could have the MC1R gene without having the ginger gene.]

This “perceived age” study is just another reason why redheads are so amazing.

Yet, regardless of this great news, we strongly encourage all redheads to still protect their skin. A prominent trait for redheads is fair skin which is very susceptible to melanoma. Don’t skip out on that sunscreen — on your skin, scalp and hair. And, continue your beauty regimen.

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Now, for more redhead news we’d love to hear: when will the redhead emoji be released?

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