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Redheads: Do We Really Need SPF Year Round?

Basically, SPF is a redhead's BFF

Most redheads get sunburnt easily, which is why it’s important to wear sunscreen and use proper sun protection. Most people think wearing sunscreen is limited to hot weather months in the spring and summer. But for redheads and other people with highly sun-sensitive skin, that isn’t the case. Yes, we tend to be able to get away with lower SPF or less of it in the colder months, but it’s still important to wear every single day even if it’s not sunny. 

Why you need SPF on a cloudy/cold day

You can still get sunburnt on a cloudy day, and it may even be a worse burn than on a sunny day. This is because there may be a higher UV index. If the UV index is low (around 1or 2) you may be able to get away with a low SPF, but sun damage can still happen. Typically on colder or more cloudy days, you’re more covered up, but make sure to put sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands to reduce signs of aging. 

Why you need SPF when you’re indoors

Many people think they only need sunscreen if they are going outside. But did you know you can still suffer from skin damage while indoors? This is because the light comes in through your windows. You can also get skin damage from your devices…yup that’s right. SPF can help prevent skin damage from computers, phones, and TVs. 

Add a light SPF to your skincare routine and focus on the most commonly damaged areas like the face, neck, and hands.

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Why you need SPF even when you’re wearing other kinds of sun protection

Covering up is a great way to prevent sun damage, but it’s not foolproof. You might get hot and decide to take a layer off, or you might have areas that become exposed as you move around. It’s best to just put sunscreen on anyway even if you’re wearing other protective clothing. 

Add a body moisturizer to your routine that has SPF in it so you know you’re always covered.

So, the answer is yes. We really do need SPF year round.

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