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Why Redheads Need to Wear Sunscreen Indoors

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As redheads, we need to protect our sensitive skin 365 days a year. We are more susceptible to melanoma even if we don’t go outside. With millions of people staying home to flatten the curve due to the spread of coronavirus, you may be wondering if you need to wear sunscreen daily. You might ask yourself, “Is sunscreen really necessary?” The answer is yes! Redheads (and everyone else) must continue wearing sunscreen, outside AND inside.

According to dermatologists, the reason individuals are advised to continue slathering on sunscreen despite spending the majority of their days inside at home has to do with windows and UVA rays.

There are two types of harmful ultraviolet radiations, UVA and UVB. UVB rays cause those awful sunburns we have all experienced at one time. The sun rays are usually strongest between 10AM and 4PM. But, UVA rays remain stable throughout the day/year and can penetrate through glass –– and this is the main reason why it’s important to wear sunscreen while sitting in the window seat on the plane, driving or working from your home office (especially if your desk is near a window with lots of sunlight).

This is how redheads should protect their skin when indoors:

1. Know you can get a sunburn inside

Knowledge is power. This information is a lifesaver and even reading this post and listening to the podcast below gives you the knowledge you might not have known. Your redhead skin will thank you!

Listen below to Skin Cancer Foundation Spokesperson, Dr. Dendy Engelman on the How to be a Redhead Podcast: 

2. Reapply sunscreen every few hours

Just like you do when you’re outside, reapply when you’re inside too.

3. Apply sunscreen on the areas not covered by clothing, such as the face and hands

Your face and hands are the most vulnerable to an indoor sunburn. Concentrate on these areas when applying indoors.

4. Don’t let cabin fever prevent you from applying sunscreen 

Many of us are enjoying walks, hikes (while staying 6′ apart, of course) and the outdoors more than ever. Most of us feel ‘cooped up’ inside and will say to yourself, “My skin needs some Vitamin D!” Don’t make this mistake.

5. Invest in SPFs you love and feel good on your redhead skin 

It’s no fun to apply sunscreen products that irritate your skin, feel too cakey or have heavy scents. The following ‘Redhead Friendly’ approved sunscreens are some of our favorites for indoors and outdoors this spring/summer:

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Stay safe and Rock it like a Redhead! 

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