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6 More Things You Might Not Know About Freckles

Do You Have Freckles?

Last year, we posted 5 Facts About Freckles You Probably Didn’t Know and now we’re back to give you 6 more freckle-friendly facts. Many redheads carry the freckle gene, and having freckles is a common redhead trait, although not all redheads have freckles, and not all people with freckles also carry the redhead gene. Here are a few more things you might not know: 

1. It’s estimated that about 80% of redheads have freckles.

Some redheads may have a lot of freckles, while others may only have a few that come out in the sun.

2. Parents who have freckles tend to have children with freckles.

Freckles are a dominant gene, which means that all it takes is one parent who has the gene for it to be passed along. 

3. The word freckle is slang.

The word comes from the word “freken” which is a Middle English word that came from the Old Norse “freknur” which meant to have freckles. 

4. Freckles can appear in any skin tone.

Freckles are most common in more fair skin tones, but they can appear on anyone. On darker skin tones freckles may be harder to see. Darker skin tones are also more likely to tan instead of developing freckles. 

5. Variations (also called alleles) of MC1R control freckle number.

Other genes and the environment influence freckle size, color, and pattern. Learn more about the freckle gene.

6. Freckles are not sun damage.

While freckles can be caused by the sun, they are not a sign of sun damage. Nor are freckles a sign of skin cancer. Other skin discoloration and patches may be present, so it’s best to get your freckles and moles checked

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