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Why Do Redheads Have Freckles On Some Parts Of Their Bodies and Not Others?

This is also a freckle appreciation post!

If you’re a freckled redhead, you might notice you have freckles in some places but not others. Ever wonder why that is? Here’s everything we know about what makes freckles appear and why they only appear in certain places for some people. 

This is what causes freckles 

Freckles are concentrated spots of melanin under the skin’s surface. Freckles only occur in those with the freckle gene when their skin is exposed to the sun over a period of time. This is why babies are not born with freckles, and they usually don’t show up until a child is 1-2 years old. 

These are the most common areas to have freckles 

The most common places to see freckles are the face, neck, shoulders, and arms. These areas are often exposed to the sun the most and also produce melanin at a higher rate than other areas of the body. Those with the freckled gene may have freckles in some but not all of these places, or they may have them all over. Additionally, you may have freckles that appear in the summer when sun exposure is higher, and other freckles that stay the same all year long. 

These are the least common areas to have freckles

Some less common areas to have freckles are of course places that don’t get much sun exposure like under your bathing suit, armpits, and inner arms. Another place it’s less common to have freckles is your legs. This usually isn’t for lack of sun exposure, but more because your legs actually produce melanin at the same rate as other parts like your arms do. This is also why legs tan slower than arms. 


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