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5 Ways Redheads Can Create Faux Freckles That Look Totally Natural

Get The Freckle Look Safely

Freckles are extremely in right now, which means redheads without them are finding ways to get faux freckles. From makeup to self-tanning and tattooing there have been a million freckle hacks circulating in the online beauty community. 

As with any trend, there can be a risk that the hacks being used are actually harmful. There have been videos circulating about how to give yourself freckles at home with a needle and ink. This practice is unsanitary, highly dangerous, and should not be attempted. Here is everything you need to know about safely achieving the faux freckle look.

Use products intended for your face

There are tons of faux tattoo products out there that are safe for use on your face and will give you the look you want. One common product is freckle pens that allow you to draw on the freckles in a safe way.

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Spot test products before using them

We love a good hack and there are some products that aren’t made specifically to give you freckles that work and are safe. This includes things like root touch-up spray, self-tanner, and henna. Just be sure you spot test the products before using since redheads have naturally sensitive skin and you may have a reaction.

Visit a reputable tattoo salon

If you do wish to pursue a longer-lasting freckle look, you may be interested in tattooing. Tattoos should never be done at home, nor should they be done by anyone who isn’t a licensed tattoo artist. Cosmetic tattoo artists are trained professionals, so be sure to do your research and choose a reputable business to visit. 

Don’t follow harmful trends for the sake of beauty

As badly as you may want a certain look, it’s never worth it to risk the health of your body and your skin for a beauty trend, and just because it works for someone else online doesn’t mean it is safe.

Rock it like a Redhead!