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Faux Freckles Are Still The Hot Trend But It’s Going A Step Further This Time

Let's find out about this cosmetic tattooing process + tips if you want to get it done

Freckles, the thing redheads have been made fun of for decades, are on trend (still) and everyone wants them. And it feels like you can’t watch a makeup tutorial these days without seeing someone applying freckle tattoos with a freckle pen or another form of freckle makeup.

Redheads have mixed feelings because it allows us to embrace our own freckles a little more, but feels a little too late. Many of us were bullied for our freckles and now everyone wants to paint them on. Something feels wrong. But, we can’t put all redheads in a box. Not all of us have a face-full of freckles, and some natural redheads are actually wanting to add freckles to their face. Many are now committing way beyond just freckle makeup — they are actually inking themselves with real semipermanent freckle tattoos, and they are quite popular. 

Why are people getting semipermanent freckles?

Freckle tattoos, also known as “freckle microblading” or “freckling,” involve a cosmetic tattooing process. For those who are interested in a semipermanent freckle, they can be tattooed on the face by a professional using the same pigment used in eyebrow microblading. Freckle tattoos started about 5 years ago, but are now gaining in popularity. 

When done correctly, the freckles look light and airy, and natural on the skin. Since the ink is semi-permanent, it will fade naturally over time. Although the end results may look effortless, healing and aftercare can be an interesting journey. 

What can you expect if you want to get this done?

After researching skilled tattoo artists and scheduling a consultation, the procedure begins with cleansing and preparing the skin. Using a fine tattoo needle, the artist applies pigment in small dots resembling natural freckles, considering factors like your skin tone and desired freckle size. Layering techniques might be used for a realistic look. Following the procedure, proper healing and aftercare are crucial, including avoiding moisture and picking at scabs. Touch-up sessions may be needed for optimal results. Keep in mind that the initial freckle color may seem dark, but it should lighten as it heals. Results typically last one to three years, depending on various factors. Always choose a reputable artist for a safe and satisfying experience.

Why are people getting this done? 

Freckle tattoos can offer several benefits, including:

1. Enhanced Appearance: Freckle tattoos can add a natural and youthful appearance to the skin, creating a sun-kissed and fresh look.

2. Customization: You can choose the size, color, and placement of the freckles, allowing you to achieve a personalized and unique look.

3. Semi-Permanent: Freckle tattoos are typically semi-permanent, lasting a couple of years. This provides the option to change or adjust your freckles as your preferences evolve.

4. Convenience: With freckle tattoos, you won’t need to apply makeup daily to achieve the desired freckled look.

5. Consistency: Freckle tattoos can ensure that your freckles appear consistent, without fading or smudging throughout the day.

6. Camouflage: Some people use freckle tattoos to camouflage blemishes, scars, or uneven skin tones.

Remember, while freckle tattoos have their benefits, they also require careful consideration and research. Make sure to consult with a professional tattoo artist to discuss your options and expectations before proceeding.

Deciding whether to get freckle tattoos is a personal choice. Consider factors like your natural complexion, desired look, and long-term commitment. It might help to consult with a professional tattoo artist, discuss your expectations, and even try temporary freckle makeup before making a decision.

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