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Freckles Changing During Pregnancy, What’s Normal?

Women's Bodies Do Crazy Things During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy does a lot of wild things to our bodies. Our feet can grow, our organs move, and our red hair can change, but did you know pregnancy can change your freckles? 

Oftentimes, women notice pigment changes in certain parts of their body like their areolas, moles, and freckles. This happens because during pregnancy, there is an increase in hormones in your body. Changing hormones, particularly the excess of estrogen and progesterone, is the main cause of freckles darkening or changing during pregnancy. 

So, when you are pregnant there is a high possibility your freckles may become darker and more noticeable, or you may get freckles where you did not have them before. You could possibly even start to get freckles even if you’ve been generally freckle-free your whole life. 

These changes can start at any point in your pregnancy, though it most commonly begins in the second or third trimester.

Again, there are a variety of factors at play when it comes to darkening or lightening pigment during pregnancy. Your skin color and type may make this condition more or less noticeable. How much you’re out in the sun or even the time of year when you’re pregnant may also affect when you first notice it.

The good news is these changes likely won’t get worse after you deliver your child. That said, it may take time for it to completely go back to normal. Speak with your doctor about ways to treat the lightening or darkening of freckles during pregnancy. Your doctor may refer you to a dermatologist for more information.

So let us know if you’ve been pregnant or are pregnant now, did your freckles change? 

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