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New Trend: Constellation Freckle Tattoos Based on Your Astrological Sign

Would You Try This Faux Freckle Trend?

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For years, redheads have been connecting their freckles and representing their astrological sign. From a 2012 Reddit post, @u/afalsebillyidol posted saying: “The freckles next to my eye make the constellation Cassiopeia.”

Constellation Cassiopeia is also known as a Seated Woman and is a northern constellation which lies between constellation Perseus, constellation Andromeda, and constellation Cepheus. It is in the Sign of Taurus, and contains 8 named fixed stars.

For those who don’t have natural freckles, applying faux freckles has trended in recent years. But now there’s a new trend: freckle tattoos to represent your astrology sign. It’s called the constellation-freckle-trend and it’s when you get a constellation (perhaps your birth sign) tattooed on your body in a form that resembles freckles. 

Like regular faux freckle tattoos, these constellation tattoos are cosmetic tattoos and only last about 2-5 years. Often paired with other faux freckles or existing freckles, this trend can be a cute, unique way to get a subtle tattoo without too much commitment. Redheads and non-redheads alike have been getting these constellation tattoos all over TikTok; some applying the constellation freckle tattoos on their faces, some on their arms or other body parts.

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So what do you think? Would you get a constellation freckle tattoo? Would you connect your natural freckles to represent your sign? 

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