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Trending: Faux Freckles Should Teach Redheads To Embrace Their Natural Beauty

What do you think about this faux freckle trend?

People of all skin tones and all hair colors want freckles and that’s why the faux freckles trend has not gone away! Many of us redheads have freckles and most of us have learned to love and embrace them, and some of us are still on that journey. Freckles are something that many redheads get teased for. Many redheads were even taught their freckles should be covered up with makeup. Now with the faux freckle trend, people are using makeup to get that freckled look.

The idea of embracing natural beauty is something new we’ve seen in the past few years. We’re embracing curves and unique body features now more than ever, and freckles fall into that natural beauty category. 

If you’re a redhead who has natural freckles, what better time to embrace them! Wearing less makeup, or wearing sheer makeup is a great way to let your freckles shine. We should embrace them now while they are in style and even after the trend has faded because freckles are beautiful and unique just like redheads.

If you’re a redhead with no freckles or light freckles and you want to rock the faux freckle look, go for it! Or, if you already have a face full of freckles and want to enhance them even more, why not?! We asked our Instagram audience how they felt about faux freckles:


We hope this is the start of embracing other unique beauty features. Beauty is not one size fits all, and it’s nice to see the beauty community moving in a direction of inclusivity, even if there is a long way to go.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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