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Spray-On Faux Freckles Is a Thing

Basically, the world wants what (most) redheads naturally have!

Faux freckles are a thing. From freckled tattoos to using a brow or liner pencil to dot a few on your face, we’re seeing the faux freckle trend more and more on Instagram. Basically, the world wants what (most) redheads naturally have!

Recently, we stumbled upon an Instagram video where freckles were actually be sprayed onto the face. After years of hearing ‘Can I connect the dots?’, freckles are now being embraced and faked!

In the below video via Instagram, Russian makeup artist, Sasha Metlevskaya, uses L’Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray in Red, a product used to cover hair roots, to spray on faux freckles. Before applying, she recommends practicing on your hand first; clamping the most edge of the aerosol spray so that it sprays small dots.

Back in 2016, we asked our Instagram audience how they felt about faux freckles. The redhead majority said they would never draw on faux freckles and some disliked the look all together.

What are your thoughts on this faux freckle hack? Share below!

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Main Photo Credit: Russian makeup artist, Sasha Metlevskaya