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This Redhead Stopped Hiding Her Freckles and It Will Inspire You


Most redheads have freckles — meet Alejandra Savoia, from Barcelona — who has a lot of freckles. The 24-year-old advertising consultant was born with a series of large freckles on her body, including a giant congenital nevus that covers most of her lower back. There is also a large one on her right arm, and another one on her head, which is hidden under her red hair.

The smallest freckles appeared around her body when she was about 10 years old, forming dark brown constellations across her body.

Photo via Xenia Lau

Savoia’s freckles make heads turn when she goes to the beach or an outdoor event, but thankfully her parents have always encouraged her to feel confident in her skin; even though no one in her family has red hair, “I have another sister who is four years older than me, and she has white skin and no freckles,” Savoia tells How to be a Redhead. “My parents never made it any different between us, and that made it easy for me to understand myself.”

She continues, “I am an authentic redhead. It’s been fun, most of the people liked it when I was growing up and wanted to comb it. I tend to dress minimal, mostly black, so my freckles and my hair are what make me look different.”

Photo via Mar Armengol Casanovas

Last year, Savoia’s boyfriend posted a photo of her on Facebook, and a local photographer reached out. The photographer wanted to shoot Savoia, and had one request: That she shows her back in the pictures. Savoia says she didn’t think twice before saying yes. “I said, ‘Let’s do it—let’s show my back to the world and how I am.'”

It went viral and Savoia has never looked back.



Since many people have asked her if her large freckles are dangerous to her health or cancerous. Savoia has taken all of the steps to stay protected saying, “Most doctors tend to suggest me to remove them with new procedures with new machines and lasers. I have the feeling that sometimes they just want me for research. My pediatrician was one of the few doctors who suggested my parents leave my skin as it is and to avoid any kind of surgery. I have been very lucky to find a team of doctors who help me control all my freckles. Once or twice per year, I visit the doctors, and they evaluate me. None of my freckles have gone “bad” or have turned cancerous so far, but I have to check them often.. and everyone else should too.”

Photo via Mar Armengol Casanovas

To stay protected, she takes very good care of her skin and is not fond of sunbathing. When she is at the beach or pool, she uses an SPF to protect her skin. And, she typically keeps most of her skin covered, wearing long-sleeve shirts and long dresses.

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Savoia is a special individual because she is different due to her red hair, but also due to her large freckles too. She recalls being teased as a kid for her appearance, “I feel like I was the first one to get teased when I was little! Now, I accept myself and I laugh at myself not only for my freckles, also for things I do or say. Life shouldn’t be taken so seriously.”

Overall, Savoia hopes her photos will inspire other people with freckles & red hair —or any unique beauty trait—to learn to love what makes them special.

“We are all diverse,” she says. “It’s not important that you are ‘perfect’—you have to be comfortable however you are. My freckles give me character and meaning. Ask yourself, ‘What do your unique characters give you?’ All you have is you and your body. Be wise, start loving yourself.”

Check out more pictures of Alejandra Savoia’s beautiful freckles below.

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