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The Causes Of Cherry Angiomas & What To Do About These ‘Red Freckles’

Studies show those with more sun exposure typically have more cherry angiomas

Most redheads are no strangers to freckles, but have you ever seen a ‘red freckle’? More formally known as cherry angiomas or ‘red moles’, it is a skin condition that can happen anywhere on the body.

What are cherry angiomas?

Cherry angiomas are simply growths made up of a cluster of blood vessels. They are typically small like a freckle and look very much like freckles besides their red color. They can either be flat or just slightly elevated. 

What causes them?

There isn’t much information on what actually causes these “red freckles” but most people get them with age. It’s most common for them to show up starting in your twenties or thirties, and you may get more as time goes on. One reason they may show up is pregnancy, and another is sun exposure. The exact link is unknown but dermatologist studies have shown that those with more sun exposure typically have more cherry angiomas. 

Are they harmful?

Thankfully, cherry angiomas are not harmful. They can be unsightly or even annoying if slightly raised, but they do not run any risk and cannot become cancerous. However, there are other forms of skin cancer or skin conditions that can look similar to these ‘red freckles’ and can be harmful, so if you’re unsure visit your dermatologist.

Can they be removed?

Cherry angiomas cannot be removed at home. They can however be removed by a doctor, if medically necessary. Since they are mostly flat there really is no need but it’s best to consult your doctor or dermatologist.


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