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Why Do Freckles Fade As Redheads Age? We Have The Answers

Have Your Freckles Faded?

If you had freckles as a child, you might notice they are lighter now, especially on your face. Fading of the freckles is quite common but actually doesn’t happen to every redhead. So, why does this happen? And why doesn’t it happen to everyone?

The short answer is: it’s complicated. The long answer is that freckles fade for a number of reasons and one or more may be the cause of your freckles fading. Let’s explore what makes freckles fade.

Why do freckles fade? 

Freckles fade because the skin cells are regenerating and the melanin build-up is disappearing. This is why we usually see freckles disappear or fade the most during the wintertime. As long as the skin isn’t exposed to more sun, the freckles will remain light and fade. There are two things that happen when we get older that can prohibit the creation of new freckles or the darkening of existing ones.

#1 Reason: Reduced sun exposure 

Freckles come out or appear darker when the skin is exposed to the sun. Typically, as children, we spend a lot more time outdoors and we often don’t use as much sun protection. As we age, we know that proper SPF is the key to healthy, youthful skin so we start to limit our sun exposure, pound on the sunscreen, and use other forms of sun protection.

#2 Reason: Reduced melanin production

When we are exposed to the sun, there is an increased amount of melanin in our skin. This is what makes some people tan, and others get freckles. As we get older, it’s possible our bodies slow down melanin production, thus causing freckles to occur less frequently. 

Regardless, let’s marvel at the beauty of freckles during every age:


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