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3 Things Redheads Should Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Will Having Red Hair Change Your Tattoo Experience?

If you’ve ever thought about getting a tattoo, you might be wondering how the experience will go. Getting a tattoo as a redhead is generally the same as it would be for anyone else, but there can be pretty major differences. Here are a few things you need to know about getting a tattoo as a redhead: 

1. Tattoos can look different on fair skin 

Since most redheads have pretty fair skin, your tattoo may look different. Black ink will look darker and colors may be more vibrant than they would on someone with darker skin. This can be a great thing because your tattoo may look fresh and new for longer than those with darker skin. 

2. Your pain tolerance might be different

We all know redheads need more anesthesia to numb them from pain, but did you know redheads actually have higher overall pain tolerance, especially when it comes to their skin? That doesn’t mean getting a tattoo won’t hurt, but it might not hurt as much as you think it will. 

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3. It might take longer to heal

Redheads naturally have thinner skin. This means the healing process might take a little longer. Consult your tattoo artist beforehand and let them know you’ve got thin skin. They may have tips and tricks for you. 

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