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5 Things Redheads With Great Skin Do Differently

Are these your habits too?

As soon as it is colder outside, our sensitive redhead skin goes crazy. Dry spots and redness are among the problems you may have to deal with throughout this season. But help is on the way.

Here are five things redheads with great skin do daily:

1. They cleanse properly

The secret to beautiful skin is not only what we put on it, but also how we free it from dirt and sebum. When the pores are clogged, the skin reacts and we get pimples, blackheads  and other nasty skin irritations. Cleansing with the right products is, therefore, an absolute must –– just like brushing your teeth. First, remove makeup with products suitable for your skin type and then rinse your face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Click here to see redhead-approved cleansers. 

2. They wear a clean mask

The year 2020 has made mask wearing an essential part of our daily life. As much as they keep us safe, they can be an additional burden to our skin; causing a lot of irritation and potential acne. And then, during the cold season, the breath condenses under the mask which causes a wellness paradise for all kinds of bacteria. Purchase a washable mask and wash every day and/or throw away disposable masks frequently.

3. They wear protection even when it gets darker

UVA and UVB rays damage our skin. In order to protect it from premature skin aging, it is particularly important to use products with sun protection. We are exposed to the rays outside in autumn and winter, even when the sky is overcast. So, never leave the house without sunblock. Click here to see our top rated redhead-approved sunscreens. 

4. They do not wear scarves and shawls over their chin

Even though there’s nothing more beautiful than snuggling up in your scarf during the cold season and pulling it up to your nose, don’t do it if you want to do something good for your skin. The reason: skin flakes, makeup remains and crumbs get caught between the fabric fibers. In addition, just like with a mask, our breath condenses when we breathe into the scarf and the bacteria celebrate a wild party again. Wear the scarf under your chin, clean it regularly and avoid skin contact at the chin if possible.

5. They give their skin a break

Every now and then give your skin a break and have a few no-make-up days to let it breathe.

Rock it like a Redhead! 

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