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Tips For Feeling Less Alone When You’re the Only Redhead in Your Family

It’s normal to feel a little lonely, but there are things you can do to make it feel better

Being a redhead is an incredibly unique experience shared by less than 2% of the population. For those who are the only redhead in their family, it can feel isolating, lonely, and even confusing. Redheads born into brunette and blonde families often get asked if they are adopted, or jokes are made about them having a different dad. 

Recently a redhead in the r/Redhair group on Reddit made a post asking if any other redheads were the lone wolf in their families. Tons of redheads chimed in saying that either they had a distant relative who was a redhead, but were the only one in their immediate family. Others weren’t sure where their red hair came from at all and even went as far as doing DNA testing to see if they were adopted. 

Because red hair is a recessive gene, it’s common for redheads to be born to non-redhead parents, but it doesn’t make the experience any less confusing. If you’re the only redhead in your family, it’s normal to feel a little lonely, but there are things you can do to make it feel better:

1. Be proud of your unique hair

You’re unique in the world. Embrace it and be proud of who you are. Your red hair is beautiful! Remember that when you’re proud, it feels contagious and others will start to love you for you. 

2. Embrace the nicknames + jokes

If your family jokes with you or gives you funny redhead nicknames, try to roll with it. They love you, and if it hurts your feelings say something; chances are they don’t mean any harm.

3. Learn about your genetics + the family tree

Your red hair came from somewhere, and just because you can’t pinpoint it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Research your family tree and learn about your heritage — you might find more redheads in your line!

4. Do research on how to shine as a redhead

Part of feeling less alone is embracing your red hair. The H2BAR community is all about enhancing our lives as redheads. Look into colors you can rock, fun facts about yourself, and really embrace the experience.

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen

This one is less about feeling lonely and more about keeping yourself safe. Redheads NEED sunscreen, and if you’re growing up in a family of non-redheads your need might be overlooked. Look out for yourself and always wear your SPF

6. Fill up your feed with other redheads

You’re not the only redhead who’s in a non-redhead family, read up on other redheads who’ve experienced the same thing and follow other redheads. Here is a great list of redheads to follow: 10 Redheads You Should Be Following on Instagram

Rock it like a Redhead! 


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