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Redheads: Do You Have These Other Recessive Genes?

Red hair, being left-handed, no freckles, any other eye color than brown -- they're all recessive too!

Red hair is a recessive trait, which is why less than 2% of the population are natural redheads. This is also why red hair may skip one or more generations in a family. Did you know a lot of redheads actually carry other recessive traits as well? 

We also have what are called dominant traits. Dominant genes always pass the dominant behavior genes and are said to be more likely to pass to future generations, while the recessive ones are less likely to do that. So, you can see why it’s extremely rare to have recessive traits — like red hair!

Check out this list of dominant and recessive traits to see which you have more of:

Do you have more dominant traits or more recessive traits?

1. Cleft Chin

Dominant: Cleft Chin
Recessive: No Cleft

2. Widows Peak

Dominant: Widows Peak
Recessive: No Widows Peak

3. Dimples

Dominant: Dimples
Recessive: No Dimples

4. Hair Color

Dominant: Brown/Black Hair
Recessive: Blonde/Red Hair

5. Eye Color

Dominant: Brown Eyes
Recessive: All Other Eye Colors

6. Freckles

Dominant: Freckles
Recessive: No Freckles

7. Earlobes

Dominant: Free Earlobes
Recessive: Attached Earlobes

8. Right or Left Handed

Dominant: Right-Handed 
Recessive: Left-Handed 

Which recessive traits do you have?

Rock it like a Redhead!