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Redhead Beauty Advice: What’s In and Out in 2024

What are your ins and outs?

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If you’ve been on social media, you may know “ins and outs” are 2024’s biggest trend right now. We love a good trend, so we’re hopping on to tell you H2BAR’s ins and outs for 2024. Here’s what we’re embracing and what we’re leaving in the past. Let us know your ins and outs:


  • Use redhead mascara: Most mascara isn’t made for redheads. It’s the wrong color and doesn’t work well without sensitive skin and eyes. That’s why we made Finally Have Lashes® — enjoy the Hourglass + Enhancing Collections. 
  • Wear SPF every day: Keeping your skin protected is on trend and we’re here for it. Prevent skin cancer and early signs of aging by wearing SPF every single day.
  • Embrace your skin: Redheads are unique and some of us may have pale skin or not — no matter what, know your skin is beautiful. Embrace it.
  • Clean beauty products: Most redheads have sensitive skin, so clean beauty is important. 
  • Wear red lipstick: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear red lipstick because you can, and you should. 
  • A skincare routine is important: If you don’t have a skincare routine in 2024, it’s time and we can help. We have tons of articles on skincare on
  • Redhead beauty boxes: Beauty products made for/picked by redheads? Sign us up.
  • Embrace redheads ‘by choice:’ Not born a redhead? Who cares! We love all redheads.
  • Look to your redhead community: We love our H2BAR redhead community! Let’s keep growing!


  • Covering our freckles: If you’re a redhead with freckles, you don’t have to cover them. You can if you want, but don’t feel like you should.
  • Touching a redhead’s hair without their permission: Just stop, we’re over it. 
  • Going in the sun unprotected: Going outside without your SPF or other sun protection is so OUT!
  • Telling redheads what colors they can’t wear: Redheads can wear any color, and we’ll rock it.
  • Teasing/bullying redheads: Redhead bullying is a big problem and 2024 is the year to put an end to it. 
  • Settling for the wrong brow products: Brow brow products that aren’t quite right? No thanks! We’ll take Finally Have Brows®,
  • Skipping dermatologist visits: Redheads are far more prone to skin cancer than other hair colors, so visit your dermatologist regularly. 
  • Telling redheads they can’t dye their hair: We’re all about embracing your red hair, however you want! Want to try a new color? Do it! Want highlights? Do it! Your red hair will grow back.
  • Ignoring the UV index: Sick of us talking about sun protection? Listen to the UV index instead. Above 0, wear your sunscreen.

Rock it like a Redhead!


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