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Move Over Cowboy Copper, “Gingerbread Red” Hair Is Now Trending

Society loves to name dyed red hair shades everything but "redhead"

We’re back…with another trending name for a shade of dyed red hair. This time it’s “Gingerbread Red” aptly named after the tasty cookies we enjoy during the holiday season. The color has over 1.4 billion views on TikTok and can be described as a “more muted copper with very warm, brown, and golden undertones”. This color is less “ginger” than some of the popular red shades we’ve been seeing (like Cowboy Copper), and is really more brown hair with copper and golden undertones. 

It seems Gingerbread Red might not be red hair at all, but more of a name for those brunettes whose hair looks red in the sun. This could be a good color for redheads who are fading and don’t feel the vibrancy of true “ginger” is their color anymore, or brunettes who want to dip their toe in the redhead waters before committing fully. 

What do you think of Gingerbread Red? Take a scroll through TikTok below: 


No bleach, no problem! 👩🏻‍🦰 With the power of ShadesEQ, @Redken artist & professional redhead @Hannah Matthews Moore transformed @Leah Gay’s hair from blah brown to spicy gingerbread! What do you think of this holiday-inspired hue? 🎁 #redhair #redhead #ginger #copperhair #hairinspo #haircolor #haircolorideas #hairdotcom #hairtransformation #hairmakeover #gingerbread #gingerbreadhair

♬ original sound –


Stunning Gingerbread Caramel Hair color #gingerhair #caramelbalayage

♬ Beautiful, in My Skin – Bitty



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